Effects Of Religion On Learning

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Effects of Religion on Learning

Over the course of time, religion has been seen to have affected most civilizations. Although each of these religions is different in some way, they are all very similar too. With the creation of Christianity and Islam the spread of learning and technology has increased greatly. Both of these religions facilitated learning all throughout their grasp. They created places of study where research could be done. They brainstormed many new ideas and the spread of technology soared. Christianity helped spread technology all throughout Europe, and Islam spread technology all throughout the Middle East. When they met, the spread of technology went even further as they both traded ideas and technologies. Things that
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Whether or not religion suppressed learning in technology, is however, a trivial argument. Some people wish to believe that because of Christianity, there was a dark age in which learning and technology did not spread at all. Even if this were true, which it is not, there were many other religions that were having their golden age of learning at the same time. With the multiple influences of the time, it was nearly impossible to suppress all learning. Simultaneously, Christianity and Islam were both spreading new ideas all throughout the world, with the help of other smaller religions such as Buddhism. Religion all together had a positive effect on the spread of technology and learning, and the major religions that spread this were Christianity and Islam.
Religion has been helping the spread of learning since they gained
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Warfare has always been a way in which new technology was facilitated. Through warfare, new ideas in how to beat the enemies are created. This is what made Europe a world power. Constant warfare made Europeans create new ways to win. While they did this, the rest of the world was not improving much. The crusades created a connection between Europe and the Middle East. Europe gained much of the knowledge that they lost after the fall of Western Rome. The Middle East was also flourishing during this time. Education and technology were at a peak. Because of this new connection, this also spread to Europe as well as a large economic boost because of trade. Both of these things would lead Europe into the Renaissance which was a revival of learning. “This age of rebirth is defined by an increase in the study of language, literature, history, ethics, and the world.”(tdl) All caused because of these religious wars. Europe becoming a world power due to the crusades led to the rediscovery of America. This re-discovery was one of the most important events in world history. It not only made a trade connection, but it also led to the creation of some of the most powerful countries in the world. Later these countries would no doubt lead in learning and technology. All caused because of these religious

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