Children Are The Future Essay

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Children Are the Future In society today, we have children on tvs, ipads, laptops, ipods, and you name it. They are like a magnet for technology. There is so much to offer on ipads or laptops such as, war games, car racing games, shooting games, etc. There is always a negative and positive to everything, so can technology affect children? The children are the future and they must be the ones to be raised to become a young, responsible citizen. Children are like sponges. Everything they hear or see they repeat. A new CSI show just came on they just shot someone because he was a criminal. Sooner or later, the child is coming up behind their mom and acting like he or she is shooting a gun. Parents might assume the show is not so violent, but, “Some parents point out that constant viewing of …show more content…
Perhaps, everyone is to blame, “It is the responsibility then of citizens to seek an improvement in current offerings via TV” (Witty 113). Witty has an interesting statement because we are in fact the society and have to be examples to the children, which are the future. Children must be excited to do something other than be on a tablet playing the same game over and over again, “Writers have asserted that children today tend to spend less time in outdoor play, hobbies, sports, and creative activities than they did in former years” (Witty 109). We must encourage children to not be on technology so often and spend time outdoors with friends and family. It will actually help children be more social by surrounding themselves with people, instead of watching a TV show that can make them antisocial and affect them negatively. The children are the future, which is why they must be raised to have manners and respect for others. As the adults, we must also be responsible examples and show the children how they must act in the real world. They’ll soon be following our

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