Childhood Vaccinations Should Be Required Essay

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Childhood Vaccinations Should be Required "Jeremiah Mitchell, [age] 10, plays Xbox with no hands, writes with a pencil strapped to what remains of his arms and prefers eating pizza because it 's one of the few foods he can hold. Four years ago, doctors working to rid his body of meningitis amputated both his arms and legs as well as parts of his eyelids, jaw and ears" (Alcindor 1). Because his school did not require it at his age, Jeremiah was not vaccinated for meningitis, which was a life-threatening mistake. Vaccination is the administration of a product that prompts one’s immune system to “produce immunity to a specific disease” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The immune system does this by producing antibodies, or immunoglobulin, which are proteins that destroy infected cells. Many vaccines are required throughout the United States. Although there are no federal laws for the requirement of vaccines, all 50 states have their own laws that require the vaccination of some or all of these vaccines: mumps, measles, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, and polio (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). All states permit certain exemptions to these vaccine requirements due to medical, religious, or personal reasons. Religious and personal belief exemptions are hazardous because complete public commitance to receiving vaccinations is necessary for disease prevention (Department of Health and Human Services 5). Because of these exemptions, many people…

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