Negative Essay: Should Babies Get Vaccinated?

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Should Babies Get Vaccinated? Every day a child does or can get sick it is just a simple part of life. Though years ago when children got sick is was almost deadly and sometimes it ended in death. However with the help of science those deadly diseases have almost come to a stop throw the help of vaccines. Vaccines have some side effects though which give them a bad image in the mind of some parents. So with infants and children not getting the diseases that vaccines take care of less and less parents are starting to wonder if vaccinating their children is really worth the bad image people have given them. So should children get vaccinated? First a person should understand what vaccinations are really for and why they are given. Vaccinations are basically a mediation given to infants, babies, or children in the mouth, arm, or leg though a shot. Sometimes in more than just one of those places. The department of health and human services (Centers for Disease/CDC) hand out states “first …show more content…
Doctors watch for allergic reactions when giving vaccinations. The health clinic even gives parents a hand out to know the signs of allergic reactions. The CDC states “Any child who had a life-threatening allergic reaction after getting a vaccine should not get another dose of that vaccine.” Allergic reactions can be as mild as redness, swelling of shot area, and fussiness which can happen to any child just from getting a vaccine a fourth or fifth time. Doctors say to watch the child and give antibiotics in the case of a mild reaction. A major or life-threatening allergic reaction would be hives, high fever, fast heartbeat, swelling of face or throat, dizziness/weakness, and breathing problems. When a child has a major reaction the parents should call 9-1-1, their family doctor, or just go straight to the nearest hospital. Those major reactions/side effects or faces could be a reason why vaccinates have gotten a bad

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