Essay about Childhood Experience Raising Your Own Children

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Having an adventurous childhood is the best memory anybody can have. Later on in life you can use that childhood experience raising your own children. Remembering my childhood I can tell so many good stories that I can share but the best childhood story I can share with you is one of my road trip with my family. My family loves being at the rode. We literally bring the whole family clan. Spending time with the family is one of the memories I treasure the most. This road trip is one of the best memory I have with them. Family road trip to Bataan, Philippines. It was four in the morning when we head out to the rode. I remember that morning I was still half asleep and the only thing I saw was three cars heading towards my house with very bright head lights on. Few minutes later my uncle was opening the door and inside one of the car was a mix of my aunts, uncles and cousins and they were u all saying "good morning " with a very bright smiles on their faces. On our way I would just fall asleep but I can remember that I would hear my family laughing so loud. They have conversations after conversations it is as none stop. I was six at that time and I was one of the youngest. I can remember that my family would just take me and lay me down their laps whenever I fall asleep.
There would be moments that we would stop because my aunts, my uncles and my mom would want to look at every fruit vendors that we see at the rode. They would taste every fruit and then they would…

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