Child 's Self Esteem And Children Essay examples

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“Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them” – P. J. O’Rourke. People can easily say what a good parent should do, until they have to put those words into action. Starting parents tend to be truly clueless of what to do and how to do things about their children, but there are a few theories on how to deal with children as they grow older. The first would be for parents to realize the necessity of taking control over the actions of their children, regardless if they were intentional or not, and see it as an opportunity to teach their children responsibility. Second, parents need to understand that the child’s self-esteem should not play a factor in the actions/decisions of the parent. And finally, parents may think they are being supporting of their children, but in reality, they are actually negatively affecting them.
To begin with, parents need to take authority over their children 's action in order for them to learn and take up responsibility. There are plenty of parenting examples that exemplify this, one would be Atticus Finch. As he discovers that Jem has destroyed Mrs. Dubose’s camellias, he tells Jem to confront Mrs. Dubose and since Jem doesn’t move, he says, “‘Go on’” (Lee 119). Atticus understands that Jem would not willingly confront Mrs. Dubose and so instead he takes it upon himself to be the motive to force Jem to go. This exhibits how Atticus’s control of the situation demands Jem to take responsibility for his actions and…

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