Child 's Gender Identity, By Janet Reimer Essay

1910 Words Oct 7th, 2015 8 Pages
In 1965, Janet Reimer gave birth to twin boys named Bruce and Brian, both children were born seemingly healthy,but, because the boys had trouble urinating the doctors performed a routine circumcision. In doing this the doctor made a mistake that resulted in the destruction of Bruce’s genitalia. After seeing several specialists, it was unanimous that Bruce would live without a penis. A John Hopkins University psychologist had a theory that a child 's gender identity was determined environmental factors, mainly social conditions in which the child is raised. The psychologist suggested raising Bruce as a female. Bruce’s parents the Reimers agreed to the procedure of castration and at 21 months old Bruce was castrated. His parents were told to raise him as a girl and not let anyone else know including their sons. Bruce was now Brenda and was raised as a girl, her parents attempted to raise her to be a “gentle lady” but it was soon revealed that that was not a possibility. Throughout middle school Brenda 's rebellion of the feminine agenda continued. Other girls would bully and harass her, Brenda 's behavior soon became destructive and her psychiatrist convinced her parents to tell their daughter the truth. After being told this information Brenda cut her hair and began living as David. (Schillo) Just as the teenage girls bullied David, Society wrongfully places children and adolescents into gender roles and does not allow them to grow and develop into who they really are.

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