Child Is The Best And Worst Thing Ever Essay

1162 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 5 Pages
When we are children, we dream about being an adult. When we are adults, we dream about being a kid again. Being a child can be the best and the worst thing ever. It is scary because you have the whole world around you. Waiting to judge you. It is also the best because you have the whole world around you, in the palm of your hands, waiting for you to judge it. The world is also testing you to see how far in life you will go, to see how successful you will become, and to see how knowledgeable you are. When you are an adult you realize that the world is judging you and you must make more knowledgeable decisions. When you are an adult you cannot have as much fun as you used to. You cannot run around playing tag during recess, and you cannot play the sports you used to in elementary. You cannot push away your own problems onto your parents; you have to deal with it yourself. When you are an adult you also worry a lot more about life and family. Being an adult also means that you have independence. Being a child you can dream big and when you are an adult you can achieve your dream. During someone’s childhood they get to experience many different things from their first time going on vacation to going to school for the first time. Children do not often worry about anything; they just live life for every moment. They do not have to worry about financial stress, as in paying the water bill, doing taxes, or managing a bank account. Also children do not worry about their future…

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