Child Care Issues

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Making the decision when to have children and if it is at all possible given the lack of child care spaces and the costs directly involved. There is long wait lists for child care and many centres are unable to accommodate newborn or infant children due to staffing. Is it feasible for one parent to remain home to raise the children? Is the cost of child care affordable? The Government of Canada needs to make provisions to help growing families afford to have a family, and make the cost of licensed child care affordable, possibly with higher child care subsidies.

Dealing with limited resources for our children while attempting to survive in an expensive world. With the ever increasing cases of neglect in child care, children dying while
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There are many social issues affecting the limited childcare available. Children need to interact with other children outside of the home to thrive both emotionally and socially. When children have minor conflicts with other children during interactions, this helps them acquire the necessary skills to deal with more intense stresses in their life as they get older. When there is major life altering stresses introduced into the home either through illness or divorce it may affect the child’s ability to cope with these types of challenges. No person child or adult can easily deal with such stresses and challenges as these. However, when we have children involved, it really puts us to the test as we have to include them in our grieving and ability to handle the stress. These all interfere with the social and emotional well being of a child’s …show more content…
The wages that are offered by businesses often do not meet the needs. It is very costly to raise a child happy and healthy in the changing world we live in. Everything is going to a technology based life and as our children grow, I would hate to see how life will be for them as adults. The costs of child care, transportation to and from work, clothes, food, etc. The costs of all types of food as risen beyond the scope of a lot of people’s means of survival. A lot of young families are relying on the aging parents for help financially and with raising our children. The problems I believe there is that discipline was way different for our parents. I have an issue with people that say “if that was my child I would take their pants down, put them over my knee and smack their bare bum”. This is not the way to handle any issues. It is definitely a way for our children to believe it is ok to assault others when there is a conflict. Children that grow up in an abusive home tend to do the same as adults. The government needs to provide more adequate child care opportunities for the growing population. When our aging parents, it is going to be just like raising our children as care for them will be needed as well. Even though some companies provide child care at the place of work “bring your kids to work” idea. There is still not enough availability for such requirements. Children need the

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