Chasing Fairy Tales By Lauren Fulmore Essay

1024 Words Apr 9th, 2016 null Page
It takes a moment in your life to have a self realization that will impact you for the rest of your life. In the text, “ Chasing Fairy Tales” by Lauren Fulmore she portrays the narrator as a little girl who goes through a moment in her childhood that changed her whole outlook on life. She recounts a series of adventures from her younger days to the accidental discovery of a “magical” truth. The author uses detailed examples to explain her main idea of the story.
In the story the little girl explains how both of her parents are hardworking adults who rarely are home so her older sister babysits her. She had a very big imagination and based her childhood life as a fairytale. As for her, her real family was out there somewhere and that she was being held captive by her “former” family. The primary purpose of this text was to show you can go looking for something that wasn’t meant to be, which ends up hurting you unexpectedly. The little girl would go on adventures into her backyard going on a search for her real family, a family that she wish she could have, that would nurture her more than her real parents. She felt as if this is not where she belonged and that every chance she got she would go and find them. Needless to say, her first attempt did not go as planned so she ended up going home because she was becoming deprived of food. A new life is what she wanted to begin and at that moment it wasn’t going according to plan. On this specific day is when her whole life…

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