Charlemagne: The Father Of Medieval Europe

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Charlemagne is considered as “the father of Europe.” During the years that Charlemagne ruled, he made many contributions for the future of medieval Europe. “Charlemagne was a determined and decisive man, intelligent and inquisitive. A fierce warrior, he was also a wise patron of learning and a resolute statesman.” (Spielvogel 215). Although Charlemagne corrupted the system of government to where we would maintain power, Charlemagne made many contributions for the success of medieval Europe. The way Charlemagne was by corrupting the system of government he had at the time. “In an effort to gain greater control over his kingdom, Charlemagne attempted to limit the power of the counts. They were required to serve outside their own family lands and were moved about periodically rather than being permitted to remain in a country for life. By making the offices appointive, Charlemagne tried to prevent the counts’ children from automatically inheriting their offices. Moreover, as another check on the counts, Charlemagne instituted the missi dominici, two men, one lay lord and one church official, who were sent out to local districts to ensure that …show more content…
Charlemagne made many efforts to benefit his kingdom. One of his first contributions was expanding his kingdom through a dominant military. Like seen in many previous successful civilizations, a strong military is key to a successful civilization. “Charlemagne’s campaigns took him to many areas of Europe. In 773, he led his army into Italy, crushed the Lombards, and took control of the Lombard state… Charlemagne invaded the lands of the Bavarians in southeastern Germany in 787 and had incorporated them into his empire by the following year, an expansion that brought him into contact with the southern Slavs and the Avars… Now at its height, Charlemagne’s empire covered much of western and central Europe.” (Spielvogel

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