Charles I As A Hero In Einhard's The Life Of Charlemagne

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Charles I, or better known as Charlemagne was one of the most influential men not only during his time, but also throughout all of history. Expanding and developing the Western European region he controlled, Charlemagne brought new life through liberal arts and education to his empire. In Einhard’s The Life of Charlemagne, the man of honor is reflected in a positive light as being a strong, effective ruler that had no real downfalls – not far from the actual truth. Charlemagne was a caring man whose goal was to do nothing but better his country and bring together lands far and wide. His utmost respect for women was also showcased during the Carolingian empire, allowing women to be as powerful as men at times, which was not a common idea until …show more content…
According to The Life of Charlemagne, the King of Franks was a very patient man who showed constant respect for all those he came into contact with. From his family to those he met on campaigns, Charlemagne gave great hospitality and charity to anyone he felt needed it. Coming from an educational and broad upbringing, there wasn’t much the king wasn’t intrigued by. Showing interest in math, literature, astronomy, and even several other languages, Charlemagne was a ruler that was hard to dislike because he was so influential and aware of his surroundings. When he was home, he gave his kingdom his full attention, even settling personal disputes between citizens himself so that his country ran with no issues from within. Bringing about the Carolingian Renaissance, he ensured his people would be benefitted during his time spent in control, enhancing culture and language amongst the kingdom. His strong devotion to Christianity was also easy to see as he used his …show more content…
His only inability would appear to be that he did not finish a few projects including the code of laws in his country, but that was due to the almighty king doing so many good deeds all together – there are only so many things you can do at the same time! Einhard expresses only loyal respect for Charlemagne, seeing every decision he made as a beneficial one for his empire. The representation that he was given by Einhard may be somewhat biased, but I also think there is truth in to what he says. Loyalty was not an issue for Charlemagne, and he gave reason for earning that appreciation. Showing such love and kindness to all that crossed his path, as well as helping the people of his kingdom become more enlightened and well-versed, there’s no question as to why he was so highly spoken of and remembered throughout the ages (Einhard). Charlemagne did in-fact have some weaknesses though I believe, which is that he left his empire alone for a good bit of time, helping the Romans and Pope Leo instead of maintaining order within his own. Instead he set up administrative systems to appoint military governors to oversee areas of the republic as well as enacting missi domini, the concept that one member would represent the church, and one non-clergy member would unite and report back to him all that is happening in the kingdom (Crosby). This meant that if Charlemagne had not been as well liked by his surrounding empires and

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