Charlemagne Dbq Analysis

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Charlemagne reformed Europe for the better. He was a real force in the European empire; his people idolized him during his reign. He really innovated the empire. Charlemagne united the Germanic tribes because he forced them to convert to Christian (R) (P), he had a good relationship with foreign dignitaries (P). Finally, he created a one rule set.(P) (S)
Charlemagne forced the Avars to accept Baptism. For example the document shows,”Charlemagne's armies would force the Avars to accept baptism”(document 3) This shows Charlemagne’s armies are very strong and they have a strong leader in Charlemagne. This demonstrated a great show of religious and political power. Charlemagne never lost in battle in his time as leader of Europe. For example
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For example in the document it states,”He contracted an alliance with Alfonso” (Document 6). With the tribes that were already the same religion he left them as part of the empire. This is important due to the fact that that he could now united almost every tribe into one giant powerful empire lead by him. Another reason he was such a good ruler is, He also gave the old rulers their land back by making them in charge of it with slaves and subjects too (Document 6). This proves brutal force isn’t the best way to approach some manors. This is why Charlemagne ruled so effectively.
Finally, he united the tribes by creating one rule set. This is important because now everyone has the same rules and regulations; no one is treated better or worse. For example the Ms.Warner states,”He created one rule set during his time ruling Europe” (Warner 1). This creates a sort of fair feeling the empire. Charlemagne also created many more jobs with these rules. People worked in mills, farms, and other industrial jobs; according to document 5. With this now the population grew. Life became more stable. All of this was done due to

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