Informative Essay On Golden Retrievers

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• The Golden Retriever breed was developed only during the late 19th century.
• The Golden Retriever was first originated and developed in Scotland.
• The person who first initiated the Golden Retriever into the world was Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks. He was popularly known as Lord Tweed Mouth.
• The Golden Retriever belongs to the fourth smartest breed of dogs in the world.
• The Golden Retriever are one of the most popular and much-loved dogs first in the United States of America, Australia, Canada, and Brazil.
• The dense fur coats of the Golden Retrievers are water repellent.
• The Golden Retriever sheds its fur coat seasonally.
• Not many dog owners know that in order to minimize the shedding of fur, your Golden Retriever should be brushed at least once a week, regularly and thoroughly.
• It was only in the year 1925, that the Golden
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• Golden Retrievers experience intense emotions for their masters and someone they love. They have been known to have been depressed and sad due to loss of a loved one, for prolonged periods of time. Some of them do not recover from the trauma of losing their loved one, even if it takes their entire lifetime.
• As per dog experts and vets, Golden Retrievers should never be left alone for an entire day.
• Golden Retrievers are the perfect watch dogs. But they are never the best kind of dogs to offer you complete security. They just bark and alert you on the arrival or presence of a stranger. But when the stranger gets in contact with them, there is the possibility of them becoming friendly with them.
• Apart from popularity in every day life, Golden Retrievers are also popular in several movies all over the world as well as on television shows. These dogs are ideal for shows and performance because they are very easy to get friendly with and train them in the process.
Do Golden Retrievers

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