Characteristics Of Stubborn

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We all know that one person who likes it their way and is too stubborn to allow a situation to go in any direction they don 't see fit. Being that person, I learned the perfect balance of striving for what I want and still being a person with well put morals. There is a fine line between stubbornness and being spoiled. I believe that stubbornness isn 't a negative characteristic, yet a gift to strive for what you want. On my fifteenth birthday I had one thing in mind, a car. I knew that I had to start planning a few years ahead if I wanted a car by the time I was allowed to.
Before my major personal discovery, I was always told my stubbornness wasn 't a trait to be a proud of. When my mom first realized she was having a little
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To her surprise she got a hard headed daughter who from the start, wanted things her way or no way. When I was just a baby my mom 's dream of dressing me up cute was out of the question. I threw off every head band and cute dress that was put on me. For more unfortunate events, as a toddler I hated socks but loved to run around. A result of my stubbornness, was a unrelenting stench from my feet at the end of a sockless yet productive day. As I got older the stubbornness directed its attention to different situations. Junior high school I thought brushing my all my hair to one side to create "side bangs", was the style. No matter how many times my mom tried to tell me how ridiculous I looked, I decided to do my hair the way I wanted. The stylish bangs made me itchy and covered half my face, but my unwavering need to get what I want led to a year of scratching my forehead and moving my hair out of my eyes every second. Situations like this carried on and from my mom 's reactions, I started to assume my stubbornness wasn 't good.
A few days before my fifteenth birthday my mom sat me down to discuss the way I viewed things. She reminded me that now that I am about to be a young women I have to
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My grades and behavior were well rounded because I knew I wanted good grades and worked for it. Every homework assignment, essay, and test I worked hard for. When I got tired, my stubbornness helped me push through. It was during this reminiscing that I decided to show my mom how my stubbornness isn 't as negative as she perceived it to be. Soon after this, I started my permit classes and had one thing in mind, a car. I knew it was the perfect opportunity to show my mom and prove to myself that my stubbornness pushes and encourages me.
With good grades, never any bad behavior, and a life time of succeeded chores, I knew the only thing in my way of my parents allowing me to have a car was money. Convincing my parents was going to be a difficult task, I sat them down in their bedroom and proceeded to explain my next goal. Their doubts of a child having something so luxurious as a new car clouded their judgment. I agreed to make a deal, as I understood their concerns with me having a car so young. A deal was made that I would get my license later than anticipated to allow myself to earn money and be old enough to have a car of my own. Not only would I have to earn

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