Characteristics Of Spa

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First of all, when preparing a new business, many things need to be considered such as location, what kind of services will be provided, target markets, staffs and infrastructure… Many people think that they can be successful in spa industry with a strong financial capital and a love for spa. However, if you do not care about the real needs of the market where you live, you can hardly attract customers. If you just focus the design of your spa without knowing the need of your key service, it is easy to waste time, effort and money.
As a result, what type of spa, location and treatment philosophy are also crucial elements that contribute to the success and development of a spa. As mentioned above, I want to combine a specific spa which provides
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I do not say my services is unique but I am confident to confirm that providing what you need is my best job. Food knowledge will be provided to each customer. After joining my spa, they will know how to choose fresh ingredients and eat healthy. This is Benjamin Franklin’s quote: “Eat to live, don 't live to eat.” People should be aware of which kinds of food they are eating and their effects on their health. As a result, I just want to provide the basic knowledge of living while taking care of their skin and …show more content…
Listening to advises from successful people in spa industry is a good way to avoid the mistakes and widen the social network as well. I know that there are many required things to build a spa and failures may not be avoided. However, I do this business with all my sincerity and really care about my customers since they are my motivation and elements which contribute to the success of myself. I will put myself into the customers and figure out what they need and strengths/weaknesses of my spa. The biggest mistake of those who open the spa is to pay little attention to soft skills such as how to manage the spa or how to promote your services. One more secret that I learned from tourism class may apply to spa management is repeating customer is more valuable than the normal one. Calling or messaging is not applied to my spa since foreign customers do not like to be bothered. I will only allow employees send a thank-you email to the customers. The purpose is to express our true feelings from the heart and to remind them to remember the details of their experience at my Spa. When customers are satisfied with my services, they will advertise to others for me. Word of mouth is an effective marketing especially it is

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