The Pokémon Go Phenomenon

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The Pokèmon Go phenomenon has since come and gone, as do most fads. The popularity of the game has died down significantly, however, the game’s creators have been updating the game in hopes of reeling back in those who once spent hours walking around town in search of a Pikachu. Although some Baby Boomers and Generation X may view Pokèmon Go as just another video game that is turning millennial brains into mush, it actually has a number of qualities that make it more than "just another video game". Pokémon Go takes a beloved video game from the ‘90’s and puts a modern twist on it. Instead of carrying around a Gameboy or Nintendo DSi with game cartridges that could be lost or damaged, the app is downloaded directly to a smartphone. The game itself uses location services and pedometers to track how far a user walks and determines how close Pokémon are and how much farther they must walk in order to hatch an egg. History is even incorporated into the game. Pokémon Go delivers many benefits to users that are beyond simply leveling up in the game.
“Pokéstops” are checkmarks in the game where users can acquire things such as Pokéballs, eggs, and revival potions for if a Pokémon were to faint during a battle. These “stops” have been planted by the game in various historical locations, which
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Those who remember playing the first Pokémon games when they were released in the ‘90’s as well as those who were never a part of the Pokémon craze but want to jump on the bandwagon can enjoy playing it. The concept is simple: walk around and catch Pokémon. All that is needed is the app and some free time. Aside from all the fun that is playing the game, it has benefits that make it unlike any other gaming app. It promotes healthy living by making users get off their couch and walk around to level up and capture creatures. Scattered around the world are stops that

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