Pokemon Go Game Analysis

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The first good design of Pokémon Go game that have been analyze is the game have effective onboarding process. The affective onboarding process that engage potential user such as simple registration process which is just using google click sign-on, besides that, easy and visual profile building process which is the easiest and quickest way to bring the user closer to the game is by allowing the user to personalization of their character, so that the user able to really feel they are in the game itself (Sofian, 2106). After that, with the sense of progress and a sense of reward that have been provided for achieving onboarding goals, it inspires user to feel of excitement catching the Pokémon.

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Based on principle of successful onboarding process by Sergey (2016), onboarding is a learning process. User learn about the value, structure, processes and product a Pokémon Go has. Pokémon Go game have effective onboarding process, thus the user easy to learn the onboarding process provided by Pokémon GO designer.
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Pokémon Go game is create to help user to explore the world and experience it with pleasurable and meaningful. The theme tune and the first generation Pokémon that Pokémon GO designer include in this game is inspired by Pokémon film. This familiarity will create nostalgia for those already familiar with the brand. Besides that, when the user catching the rare Pokémon, it can give a great achievement’s sense when complete catching which is provide a sense of accomplishment upon their completion. Next, this game provide sense of progression and personal growth for the user when leveling up and get reward from the unlocking

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