Characteristics Of Organsiational Climate

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Organsiational Climate:
Organizational Climate (Forehand and Glimer, 1964) is a conceptually integrated synthesis of organizational characteristics. It describes the personality of an organization and influences the motivation and behavior of the members of the organization. Organizational climate is the result of interaction among an organization’s Structure, Systems, Culture, Leader Behavior and Employees’ Psychological Needs (Pareek, 1989). It depends on the perception of the individuals in the organization about organizational working and problems therein (Hellriegal and Slocum, 1974).

To describe its characteristics we can speak in the words of Moran and Volkwein (1992) that Organizational Climate is a relatively enduring characteristic
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If not positive, stress can create a number of physical and psychological disorders among employees, and can be responsible for frustration, haste, and job dissatisfaction. As a result, the lack of work may cause complacency within the organization. Stress is, therefore, multidimensional, and its results depend on whether employees perceive it as a problem or a solution. Basically the stress affects an individual if positive he engages himself with the organization if not he disengages with his/her work and in tune with the …show more content…
Such an investigation attempts to find answers to the questions like:
1. What is the level of employees’ perception on the organisational climate?
2. What is the level of employee engagement towards their Organization?
3. What is the level of Organizational Role Stress of the employees?
4. What is the relationship of demographic details, organisational climate, and Organisational Role stress with employee engagement?
5. What could be an intervention model to reduce organisational role stress and increase organisational climate and employee engagement?

Significance of the Study
Meaningless work often goes in vain. The disengagement is the central problem of workers’ lack of commitment and involvement. If a worker is not committed it might incur a loss to the organization. The high performance levels of the organization are directly linked with their employees’ engagement level. Moreover the performance of highly engaged employees are consistent and beyond expectations. The engaged employee stays with the organization, act as an advocate to the company and its products, services and contribute to the success of the business from his/her

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