Being A Successful College Student Essay

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Being a successful college student will give you the skill and intelligence needed to live a successful life. I think success in life is something we crave naturally as humans. Success relies on how bad you are willing to work for it. I believe that success in college is determined by who the student is and if they are attending college for the right reasons. Some say college has a bad reputation as a place to go to party, go out on your own, and finally have no rules. For more matured young adults that is not the case. While attending college is the perfect time to become more independent and grow as a person it is also a very important chapter in your life and you should try to stay focused. I think that if you can find a way to devote enough time to your studies while learning how to live independently college can help shape you into a sharp adult. The most important quality I think that a successful college student has would be motivation. If you are motivated to study, do your work, and make good grades college will be a great place …show more content…
You should prepare by taking action now and paying attention while still in high school. Before you start college set goals and then do whatever it takes to achieve them. Regardless of how big or how small seems to be everything that you learn may be helpful to you later in life. Always work hard to stay focused while in high school. Another significant way to prepare yourself is to know how to study efficiently. You should know what ways are best for you. From notecards to reading something over and over again, you should try all studying methods. Trying them all is a great way to see which ones work the best for you. During college you are going to have many opportunities top make new friends. Try to make friends who better you and help you go further in life. Surround yourself with people to also care about their education so that they can motivate

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