Characteristics Of A Shared Vision Statement

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Characteristic: What is this anyway?? Assessment of the school’s implementation of this: (yes/no and explanation)
1. Interdisciplinary teams of teachers and students Each team consists of four core subjects and one team leader. The team has an average of 6 teachers with one EC teacher. The student schedules rotate depending on what team they’re on. The structure of my school is based on grade level teams. My team consists of 7 teachers, including the EC teacher.
2. Team planning time scheduled daily Team planning is used to discuss ways to support students with academic or behavior problems. Team planning generally turns into a venting session. The only positive is each team can provide current parent contact information and discuss
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Minimal or no tracking (What is flexible grouping as an alternative in the regular classroom?) Flexible grouping involves whole class, groups, partners, or independent work. The groups are created using factors that includes interests, ability levels, behaviors, language proficiency, etc. Administration encourages group work to allow students to facilitate their own learning.

12. Mission statement based on a shared vision--- What is it for this school? The mission statement takes on the tone of the school. The statement includes the overall goals that are encompassed in the shared vision. The shared vision is a collaborative statement that reflects all of the stakeholders beliefs, The mission and vision statements are based on the diverse population of students. The statements include creating a safe environment for students that is socially equitable.

13. Leadership that is courageous, visionary, and collaborative Administration shares a common vision on communicating effectively to parents and staff that will enhance the culture of the school. The grade level administrator and principal often clash over disciplinary issues. As a result, the eighth grade team is often
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Teachers as researchers Teachers conduct research daily as lessons are revised and practices are conformed to meet the needs of all students. Student outcomes are a critical part of research as teachers plan units on the data provided by work samples. The Language Arts department created a data committee to allow teachers to analyze test scores and MAP date. The committee allowed students to delve deeper into the charts and graphs reteach specific standards.

24. Students as researchers

Students make a connection of research and process. The research process means understanding the steps to produce a final product. Research involves thoroughly investigating sources to provide current and accurate information. The Language Arts and Social Studies department have collaborated in the 8th grade to create projects that require research skills. The assignments included debates and group projects/presentations.
25. Community and business involvement Schools form a partnership with local businesses that help support the needs of students, CMPD has formed a partnership with students that reside in poverty stricken areas. The students respond well to community members as it teaches students everyone has an equal stake in the

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