Strategic Diversity Plan

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Strategic Diversity Plan Goals and Implementation
Goal 1: Create a comprehensive curriculum in all classes that encompasses works and artifacts from multiple cultures to provide a diverse learning environment for every student.
I. Beginning in 2017, honors, dual-enrollment, and humanities classes will increase multi-cultural learning by adding 20% more multicultural works into the curriculum and adding multicultural artifacts into the honors portfolios. Teachers will begin preparing new curriculum immediately in order to implement in 2017.
II. Beginning in 2016, biannual surveys will be given to students, faculty, and families by surveying multicultural environment of each school. Adjustments to individual school goals will be
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Because “diversifying our collections and programs requires intentionality” (Hands, 2015, p. 20), a plan of action as outlined in the Strategic Diversity Plan will be modified for everyday classroom use using collaboration among teachers, staff, students, and administration. A school-specific modified plan will be completed by May of 2016, and adjustments will be made regularly as needed. Each school will make its specific diversity plan and goals made available to the community by August of 2016.
V. Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, all classes will have available a diversity outline lesson plan in a curriculum notebook. Each class will include sample cross-cultural works and artifacts from the course. Any stakeholders, parents, or community members are invited to view the diversity curriculum notebook at any time.
Goal 2: Encourage pluralistic, positive values and thinking among students and teachers to create a constructive, safe school environment for all types of individuals.
I. By 2018, adequate funding shall be available to all schools and within the district to offer training for faculty and students to promote pluralism and a diverse
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Beginning in the 2016 year, a school climate committee will be implemented in all schools. School climate committee will be responsible for fostering a diverse, pluralistic environment in all schools and will consist of a variety of races, gender identities, cultures, and ethnicities, will adhere to perceived genders, and will implement school activities to promote pluralism.
Goal 3: Increase minority and low income participation in honors and dual enrollment classes by 20%.
I. Beginning immediately, teachers will seek out minority and low income students who might qualify for GEMS, honors, or dual enrollment classes and clearly present to them the options available within their schools.
II. Beginning with class registration in spring of 2016, guidance counselors will assign students to the most academically rigorous classes for each individual.
III. By fall of 2018, the district will budget and distribute funds for all dual enrollment, GEMS, and honors classes to provide classroom sets of required outside readings, such as novels and college level textbooks.
IV. By 2020, there will be a monetary allocation in place for students and families in need of more supplies in their classrooms. Low income students may apply for a materials allocation to purchase required honors/GEMS novels and dual enrollment text

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