Characteristic Studies Of Supersonic Diffuser With Various Ramp Design And Optimization Of Ramp Profile

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Characteristic studies of supersonic diffuser with various ramp design and optimization of ramp profile
The main idea behind the proposed project is to decrease the pressure loss at the supersonic diffusers with the help of varying the conventional ramp design. Three different ramp profiles (Sharp edged conic section, Blunted conic section and Ogive conic section) are optimized for the particular inlet Mach number. The efficient design for the supersonic compression process is to be obtained from the experimental analysis.
Designing supersonic diffusers requires more concentration than the subsonic diffusers, which is mainly due to the formation of shockwaves. In this scenario, the ramp (a part of the supersonic diffuser) generates the shock wave for the given Mach number. By changing the ramp design, it is possible to vary the shock wave properties at the inlet section of the supersonic diffuser. The strong normal and oblique shock waves causes more total pressure drop across the flow field. The weak oblique shock waves does not reduces the Mach number up to the expected design condition.
Two main factors are to be considered in the process of supersonic compression: providing a shock wave solution so as to obtain low total pressure loss; reducing the Mach number to reach the design value. Both these factors primarily depend on the ramp design. Downstream of the supersonic diffuser, there is a subsonic diffuser to increase the static pressure of the…

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