Character Analysis Of Ponyboy's Character In 'The Outsiders'

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The main character in the story “The Outsiders” written by S.E Hinton, is a story about a 14- year old boy named PonyBoy Curtis. In the story, PonyBoy lacks common sense, however, he is book smart but he gets himself into a lot more trouble than he can handle. He lives with his two older brothers Darry, who is 20 and SodaPop who is 16. Their parents are killed in an automotive accident eight months before the story takes place. PonyBoy is very brave at such a young age he learns so much so fast because the society he lives in is so harsh. Ponyboy is brave, loyal, and young which helps him survive within his crazy world in the novel.
PonyBoy is not your typical 14 year old boy. He has greasy hair and he is part of the greasers which is a

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