Examples Of Conflicts In The Outsiders

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The Conflicts of Ponyboy
Has anyone found a good book lately. Chances are that the protagonist has had to face many conflicts in that story. Well the main protagonist in the book The Outsiders written by S.E Hinton faces lots of conflicts. His name is Ponyboy. The book is set in the mid 60s, with a battle between two social groups called the Greasers and the Socs. Some conflicts that Ponyboy faces in this story are being includes getting in trouble with the law, having to save kids that are in danger, and threatened to be taken away from Darry and his family.
Conflict #1
The first conflict that Ponyboy faces in the story The Outsiders is getting in trouble with the law. In the book The Outsiders Ponyboy gets in trouble with the law. This is
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Ponyboy says that he will get the kids out of the building. There are kids in a abandoned burning church.“I’ll get them, don’t worry!”(Hinton 91). Ponyboy has to choose whether he risks his life to save the kids. It tells the reader that Ponyboy really is a good kid and sees the importance of younger life. Or whether he lets them die to stay safe. This conflict show that he is not hard like his brother.

Conflict #3
The final conflict that Ponyboy face was being threatened to be taken away from his family. Ponyboy said what the judge asked him. Ponyboy is in quart. “All the judge asked me is if I liked living Darryl.”(Hinton 168). The judge is wondering if Ponyboy likes living with Darry. That answer will decide if he should stay with Darry or not. Ponyboy does like living with Darry even with all the fights they would get in. Darry would never harm Ponyboy and takes care of him like he is his parents. When Ponyboy finally realized this he wanted to stay with Darry.

Conclusion Clearly, Ponyboy confronts many conflicts in the story The Outsiders. These conflicts are being involved with a murder, saving the kids, and being taken away from Darry. They may have been hard to face for Ponyboy, but he pulled through in the end and became a great person. These conflicts help form what Ponyboy becomes at the end of the story. A loving and hard working

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