Chapter Nineteen : Let The Fuckers Burn ! Essay

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Chapter Seventeen: Let the Fuckers Burn!

They had decided that planning would be useless, and contacting the others again was far too risky. They had no idea where Melissa was, and as horrible as it sounds, they couldn’t afford the time to find her.
Deanna said that as soon as they were out, they could shut the place down, and get her out more safely. There was only so many people she could get out.
Tracy had expressed concern with then getting gout of solitary in the first place. Deanna had just laughed at that and reminded both women that this was not her first time in that room.
“It’s simple. We kill the Batman.” She joked.
“Like a bunch of idiots, the people had not cleared out her boots before shoving her in. That was either very stupid, or very clever. They may have known exactly what they were doing. At any rate, getting out would be the easy part. The aftermath was what really worried Regina.
“We have no proof of anything, and none of you are technically able to go to court. And anything I say won’t matter once Kathy is finished ruining my name.”
“We won’t need to. I know a person. Well, a client. She can help. Also, a friend of mine has some sort of thing worked out. We disappear into oblivion, and don’t have to worry about the fall.” Deanna said. “I personally hate the plan, but apparently I don’t know enough about how the world works to help any more. So we just get out.”
“Well that sounds really reliable.” Regina muttered.
“You have a better plan?” Deanna…

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