Teen And Young Adult Year: Personal Narrative Analysis

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Chapter Six: Teen and Young Adult Year
Upon going into Middle School my school merged with two of the surrounding towns. I was excited to meet new people and to have a new set of teachers. This was the same year my Dad 's company transferred its location from Connecticut to South Africa. My Dad was given the option for the company to relocate us as well, I was so excited to move to South Africa. My Mom said absolutely no way we were going to move out of the U.S. I was extremely disappointed. My Dad was quickly able to find a job in Maryland and by eighth grade he had moved and was living in an apartment in downtown Maryland. My Mom was struggling, fighting my Dad on selling her dream house to then move into an apartment. I hated living apart
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I told her no and I don 't do boyfriends they don 't fit into my lifestyle. At the time since my Mom thought I was still a virgin, I think she thought I was telling her I was gay. When in reality I was just telling her I wasn 't interested in the emotional aspect of a relationship and was really only interesting in the physical aspects. Once she did find out I wasn 't a virgin she didn 't take it well she accused me of being a prostitute. It would have been laughable except for the fact that she actually believed what she was saying. Eventually, after the spring semester, we had made up and come to terms that I was growing up and could essentially do whatever I wanted within reason. Once we got over one hurdle now she was obsessed with the idea of grandkids. I still to this day fight with her about the fact that I am not having kids because I do not want them. She 's always asking me why I would want to be alone for the rest of my life. I always tell her I would rather be alone with my passport than have to hire a babysitter. My Mom is not very superstitious but when it comes to the needle and thread she is a die-hard believer. She did it to my middle brother and me one night when I had a friend down for the weekend. It stood completely still on my brother 's wrist and on mine it showed four kids boy, girl, boy, girl. It still terrifies me because I made her do it to prove it wrong which at first it showed her having four kids and I thought I got it. I accused her saying that it was wrong because she only had three and of course she drops the bomb that in her first marriage she had a still born child. Now I felt like an ass and kind of like I want to be sick because I really really do not want kids and certainly do not want to be the person to have them by accident and then be stuck and miserable for the rest of my life. I think a lot of my mom 's baby fever comes from

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