Essay on Changes Throughout My Writing Style

1162 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
Over the course of this semester in my English 1320 class I have seen a drastic change throughout my writing style. Although I still have difficulties with a few writing tasks, I believe that I have improved significantly throughout this course. I have found that with my professor’s guidance along with my own personal editing that my grades have increased. Although it is difficult to not get caught up in simply striving for a letter grade or attaining a 4.0 grade point average, I would like to believe that my main goal was different. Of course I would love to achieve those goals as well, but overall my primary goal throughout this class was to become more relaxed and comfortable in my writings, to use new strategies and proper kinds of conventions, and to truly find a way to express my passion on these papers. These tasks are far from being completed but I can see improvement with every assignment and revision.
With the opportunity to revise my essays, I have found that my main issues arise from my lack of efficient sentence structure and organization throughout my writing. Provided with the helpful feedback from my professor, I feel that it would be beneficial to refine my writing, and clarify my arguments as well, in order to “more successfully meet the argumentative purpose” of my assignments. My revision process reflects growth within my writing by showing an improvement in my grade after the revision is complete. Typically I would revise as I write my essay, however,…

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