Essay Changes Of Student Enrollment And Demographics

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Changes in Student Enrollment and Demographics. As Figure 1 and Figure 2 shows, many individuals at Winthrop, as well as other institutions, believe that online education would increase student enrollment between 1 – 30%, with the majority agreeing between 11 – 20%. With Winthrop’s student enrollment being around roughly 6,000 – with roughly 5,000 undergraduates and 1,000 graduates – a small increase of 20% would increase enrollment by 1,200 additional students.

Subsequently, with the increase in tuition and overall cost of attendance, more students are having to work in order to support themselves through college. Of students surveyed, 50% stated that they work part-time, 21.1% work full-time, and 28.9% do not work; thus, an overall 71.1% of surveyed students are working in some capacity. In addition, the number nontraditional students are continuing to increase as most job advancement opportunities are requiring a minimum of an associate or bachelor degree. However, many faculty and institution executives constantly worry about course quality and academic integrity when it comes to delivering courses online. This is where the effective use of the correct educational technology could ease the tension with these issues.

Educational Technology. With the proper use of educational technology, online courses at Winthrop could be significantly improved. However, many faculty either don’t understand how the use of additional technology could improve their courses or they are…

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