Essay on Changes From The 1920 ' S

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It is apparent that there are major changes from the 1920’s to now in 2015. From then to now, technology, women’s rights and beauty have changed over the time period. Technology back then was not as advance as technology today. In the 1920s technology were booming and people were starting to invent widgets such as cars, telephones, radios, kitchen appliances and other useful inventions, that would catch the eyes of the nation. Transportation improved a lot compared to the 1920’s, but still had the same purpose. Cars always seem to be evolving. From the Model T made by Henry Ford that was made in mass productions, to fast and sleek cars, to now where cars can drive themselves! The cars were not the only major accomplishment; telephones have a huge part in the world connecting us together. Can you believe that the dial telephone that was brought in the 1924 has evolved to smart phones in today’s society? Humans have come a far way in evolution in technology. In the 1920’s electrical appliances were introduced to the nation. It made life of the women much easier, and reduce the time it took to do that certain task. Now, we are creating more ways to make chores an easier task, just like the people of the 1920’s. Although, the generation today has way more technological advancements like flat screen TVs, Wi-Fi, laptops and many more incredible inventions. Now and then are similar in which everyone is wanting the new things that come out. Also, people were invested in knowing…

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