1920s Fashion Essay

Register to read the introduction… Freedoms such as being able to vote, express them-selves, and gain a sense of respect from others. Not only was fashion a piece of material back in the 1920’s, but also a form of movement. With the turn of the decade and fashion, women were able to speak for them-selves whether their voices were seen or heard as negative or positive. The Flapper image became negative for the elders but the image allowed young women to be able to grow out of that stage into mature women. Wanting to move out due to their parent’s constant lectures on how to live their lives caused the women to rebel and move out of their homes resulting in search of jobs to be able to support them-selves financially. Women speaking through their fashion became part of history because that was the time when women gained their rights and to show everyone their voices. The drinking, parties, and smoking not only caused a negative frenzy with the youth’s parents, but also in the end, a positive outcome. The positive outcomes were maturation, self-control, and taking full responsibilities for their own actions. The flapper’s were the women who wore hemlines too short, stockings rolled up, red lips and kohl rimmed eyes, and behavior that was unacceptably fantastic. This generation of women showed the world how to enjoy life in the fast lane. While their surroundings frowned upon them, they kept being happy and sang songs that sang: “In the meantime, in between time, ain’t we got fun” (Virginia 28). The 1920s were filled with shock, excitement, social and relationship changes, but by 1929 the Flapper was fading out of …show more content…
Women are still seen with headbands attached with feathers in their hairs, curling their locks up to the ears, frilly dresses, and the red lipstick along with the kohl rimmed eyes. Fashion in the 1920’s not only influenced young women to dress differently, but to also be free. Every woman should be able to freely express herself and personality whether through her voice, innocence, or clothing. Although the Flapper lifestyle did not last forever, the changes in women’s attitudes, actions, and morals left a great impact for women to be independent. The Flapper created a new emotional culture for women for all ages and races, as well as a new youth identity for herself. The 1920’s allowed women who never had their own voice to be reborn and to realize their roles in society. The decade will forever live

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