Is The 1920s Good Or Bad

The general public considers the 1920s to have been a good time for most Americans. The tasks set before us are to assess what we think of this time period, is the previous statement generally accurate, and to support our position on the statement.
In order to accurately make an assessment, let 's research the 1920s. The 1920s are remembered as the "Roaring Twenties," an age of tremendous social and political change, and also a rebellious age. For the first time, more Americans lived in cities than on farms. The nation 's total wealth more than doubled, sweeping Americans to an affluent but uncommon "consumer society." Don’t be mistaken, some things stayed as usual; people bought the same goods, listened to the same music, danced like normal,
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Radios and movie theaters became popular because of the extra money Americans had to spend whichever way they found pleasing. By the end of the 1920s, more than 12 million households had a radio and seventy five percent of the American population visited a movie theater every week. Radios made it easier for people to listen to music and to be entertained, because that replaced having to drive, which required paying for gas. In summary, radios made life cheaper and easier. Movie theaters were just a “hang out” place, and it made it possible to see the movie with the big screen and layout of chairs. Last is the automobile, which was the most important consumer product of the 1920s. Affordable prices and generous credit made cars excellent luxuries at the start of the decade and by the end, they were necessities. There was one car on the road for every five Americans. An economy of automobiles was born, creating more businesses and motels.
Moving on, we will discuss the jazz age. The new products, the car and the radio, made it easier for people to go where they wanted to listen to jazz music, or to listen to jazz in their house. Many young people just wanted to dance; the Charleston, the cake walk, the black bottom, and the flea hop. Although some people objected to jazz music because of its "vulgarity," "depravity," and "moral disasters" it created, many of the younger people enjoyed the freedom they felt on the dance
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The first question we must answer is what we think of the first statement made in this essay. Considering people were starting to become themselves and enjoy themselves, the 1920s were a good time, defining a good time by enjoying yourself. Is it generally accurate? Yes, because with all of the information above, more good things became than bad. It might be mentioned that people didn’t like the changes, so that makes the whole time period bad, but its up to each individual whether they want to accept change or not, and if they decide not to its their fault. It was a time where people enjoyed themselves. Inventions were created that we still use today and many of them are considered essential for today’s

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