Social Trends In The 1920s Essay

After World War 1 America was viewed as a superior power in the world, the economy boomed, people were living lavish and comfortable, and a way of life quickly devolved that was dramatically different from the one people once knew . The 1920’s was a pivotal time in America’s History. It was a time when morals were lost, social revolutions were fought and a new “urban culture” was born. These new ideas and philosophies were so pivotal that America 96 years later is still running off the fumes of this future molding era. The main ways the nation reinvented itself was through social trends, moral changes, and inventions that would change people’s way of lives forever.
The many aspects of the social trends foraged during the era are some of the
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The inventions that were given to the American people can be classified into three categories: leisure, automotive, and medical. During the 1920’s many leisure activities enjoyed by Americans today were invented. Radio broadcasting began in Pittsburg in 1920 which gave people accesses to news, politics, and music. The radio was said to bring people together and unite the nation as a whole. In 1928 the first television broadcast was launched and the refrigerator became a house hold product and could be attained by anyone. Many of the revolutionary inventions were automotive. In 1923 Garrett Morgan invented the traffic light and this decade was the first to see convertible cars and asphalt was reengineered to be more durable and more practicable. The main inventions that had the most impact and produced results still seen today are those achieved In the medical field. Earl Dickon invented the band aid in 1921 and diabetes a then deadly illness was contained by the first insulin injections ever put on the market in 1922. The greatest of these findings was penicillin which was discovered in 1928 by the scientist Andrew Flemings and was the first anti-biotic discovered revolutionizing medicine

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