Challenges That Changed My Life Essay

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I do not think there’s no child on earth who likes being away from their parents. We kids love being around our caregivers to protect us, feed us, and more importantly love us. As for me, I did a challenge that changed me physically and mentally. I was alone in the woods for about three to four weeks. Never in my life have I envisioned myself being surrounded by the woods, but this step I took was an adjustment in my life that changed almost every aspect of it. Throughout my life, I have lacked a bunch of confidence in myself for a very long time and have been trying to hold my ground and get this confidence somehow. As we all know, life is all about taking risks and I have took a risk I never imagined myself doing. During my high school …show more content…
At first, I tried to think if I had done anything bad, but that was not that case. The real reason why I was being talked to was because she wanted to introduce me to a program meant for high school students to experience new things that most teenagers do not get the chance to see and do. It was called Summer Search, and this was a program that changed my life in more ways than one. At first, I was a bit confused of what the program was really about until I did some research on my own and realized their goal was to “help low-income teenagers transform what they believe is possible for themselves and develop the skills they need to become college educated leaders who give back to their families and communities”. After reading this, I thought to myself that I wanted to be part of a program like this for example and transform to the person I envision myself being which is a confident man. Making the decision to join this program was a long process, but when I finally realized that this program would be a great opportunity to be that confidence person I have envisioned myself being so I joined. Reasons why choosing Summer Search and any other program that was introduced to me is because they offer and promise life changing experiences which caught my eye and made me want to join it as soon as possible. I knew this would be great opportunity to crack the worldview wide open and change as an individual. After getting accepted to Summer Search my new mentor, Tim, introduced me to Outward Bound. This is where a specific trip changed my life forever. Hearing words like “trust me jean, that confidence you have always wanted will come if you do this trip and complete it”. I sat back in my chair while looking straight into my mentor 's eyes and telling him face to face, “Okay Tim, I’m going to do the trip and come out confident." As simple as that and I

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