Public Health Fundamental Essay

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Public Health Fundamentals
Over history, public health administration contributed so much to improving health status and quality of life. Over the centuries, public health administration was able to accomplish improving the percentage of life expectancy. Public health is not a profession but a constant goal set by us all to achieve. Public health administration is different from other fields because of their large and constantly expanding agenda. Public health most unique feature is taking on new problems affecting health status from biology, environment, lifestyle and health service organization (Turnock, 2012).
Workforce. Public health workforces come from any different academic, professional, and experimental backgrounds, but are all committed
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Mr. Chandra (2012) addressed three challenges facing policymakers of U.S healthcare: insure the uninsured, aligning quality and cost, and managing new technologies. I agree with Mr. Chandra (2012) that policymakers should make policies that continue to invest in early prevention and aligning quality with cost. As public health professionals continuous quality improvement would decrease cost and improve health outcomes. The CDC (2014) posted recently that we are up to 40 percent of annual deaths that could have been prevented by making behavioral changes or eliminating health disparities. Health policymakers could help by extending care to the uninsured and to strengthening incentives to apply knowledge, and meet quality standards. I agree with Mr. Chandra (2012) suggestion of moving from a fee for service system, to more of an incentive based on keeping patients alive and healthy. Economist Amitabh Chandra (2012) made a great point that we could clearly do more for less in healthcare. United states pay double the amount in healthcare than other countries that provide much more. There is plenty of evidence on the OECD (2010) website that would support Amitabh Chandra comparison of our healthcare to other countries. The OCED (2010) statically report shows that over the years our spending on healthcare has increase

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