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Public health is a very broad concept that comes with different explanations from various perspectives. However, couple of websites will be examined on their thought on public health.

Firstly, public health is the act of promoting and protecting the people in a community most especially where they work, live, learn and play without treating it according to American public health association APHA. This clearly differentiated the role of a medical doctor as treating sickness or providing healing to a sick person through the use of medicine. Whereas public health uses preventive method such as primary, secondary as well as tertiary strategies in preventing illness by educating the masses on wellness, healthy behaviors and injuries. Although
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Inasmuch, these materials portray what the concept (public health) does as it is being integrated into other subjects. However, the contents in the website are not legally advisable for academic purpose (stated in at the website). Alternatively, the state health departments within ASTHO have the same function, however, they focuses more on responding to the needs of the local health departments. Thirdly, HHS owned by the government also indicated the function of the concept in relation to the rules of HIPAA. However, explanations are seen through preventing and disease control plus injury or disability issues. More so examples of public health activities were shown given reports on number of deaths and births whiles conducting public health surveillance as well as intervention and or investigation. And this I believe gives a layman an idea on some of their duties they undertake, but didn’t embrace the entire concept with a thorough explanation. Furthermore environmental protection agency (EPA) owned by the government focuses on clean up pollution, preventing of pollution as well as chronic disease and health promotion. It also educates on protecting the environment in homes, workplaces and the …show more content…
The rationale behind this definition is because the concept is simply identifying disease, danger, and conserve if not preserve, but does not treat. However, it embraces virtually everything that entails the safetness of living and non-living things. An example is whenever there is an outbreak of any diseases or anything that endanger the life animal, human life, trees, public health will have to set in to identify what needs to be done for it to be resolved. Or measures needed to avoid from occurring. So the concept is on the verge of solving problems and finding solutions if not eliminates them. More over, I will recommend three additional websites, which I believe, is very educative and resourceful for research and or academic purposes. They include:, and

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