Chain Of Command As We Know God Essay

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The Chain of Command as we know God is the first and last Chain of Command. God, created his people from all walks of the earth with commandments to abide by, while on this earth. When there is leadership, the Chain of Command responsibility is to lead the organization with values and endure many challenges in different situations. Leaders are to be knowledgeable and lead with integrity. The Contributes of the literature to understanding the research
The Contributes to Chain of Command is for leaders to lead by example. According to (Varun Reddy Sevva, 2013) Chain of Command relates to the Modern authorial leader who’s in charge of subordinate, thus impels a marshal delegation composure that is confident and determined with the ability to effectively achieve goals efficiently. The importance of this Varun paper relates to painting a big picture of person’s ability to lead individuals effectively, and the traits they have with such empowerment to detail (Varun Reddy Sevva, 2013). The article Chain of Command.
The overall Strengths of Chain of Command
Selfless leadership is about doing the right thing, for the right people, in the right places and at the right time and administering integrity (Brookes, 2014). Delegation is it safe to delicate according to (Kline, 2013) “Managers have an obligation to delegate and sometimes in situations delegation has to be administered. When individuals are in charge are not, however before making changes managers skill mix to the…

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