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Robert W. StrayerWays of the World: A Brief Global History
Ways of the World: A Brief Global History with Sources
Chapter 19 Study Guide, Internal Troubles, External Threats: China, the Ottoman Empire, and Japan, 1800-1914, Study Guide (Original: pp. 559-586; With Sources: pp. 877-903)
The External Challenge: European Industry and Empire
1. What were the four dimensions of European imperialism that showed how China, the Ottoman Empire, and Japan were active participants in the global drama of the 19th C. world history and not merely passive victims or beneficiaries?
2. In what ways did the Industrial Revolution shape the character of 19th C. European
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(Original: p. 560; With Sources: p. 878)
2. In what ways did the Industrial Revolution shape the character of 19th C. European imperialism?
The enormous productivity of industrial technology and European’s growing affluence now created the need for extensive raw material and agricultural products.
Europe needed to sell its own products and saw the social benefits to foreign markets.
Imperialism promised to solve the class conflicts of an industrializing society while avoiding revolution or the serious redistribution of wealth. (Original: p. 560-561; With Sources: pp. 879-880)
3. What were the criteria by which Europeans judged both themselves and the rest of the world?
They unlocked the secrets of nature, created a society of unprecedented wealth, and used both to produce unsurpassed military power. (Original: p. 563; With Sources: p. 881)
4. What contributed to changing European views of Asians and Africans in the 19th C.?
With the industrial age, Europeans developed a secular arrogance that fused with or in some cases replaced their long-standing notions of religious superiority.
Europeans viewed the people through the lens of racism that had been expressed in terms of science.
Europeans saw themselves as

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