Essay on Centralized Governments And The U.s. Constitution

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Dejah Small
Introduction to Government and Politics 1327 9:00AM
December 5th, 2016
Paper Option 2
Centralized Governments and The U.S. Constitution Throughout the course of history, there has been controversy over the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. Both documents having had its issues of not having a strong enough foundation or violating the idea of a stronger national/ centralized government. First off, a central government has the authority to control an entire nation, and is sometimes referred to as a national government. The importance of a central government is so that they can have control over the states, and so that there is enough power to enforce laws among the states. A central government shows more efficiency at accomplishing the goals of the government and having better control over taxation and revenue than giving that power to the states. James Madison and George Washington saw the importance of a national government. Due to the flaws of the previous Articles of Confederation, they both supported the Constitution, because it was a replacement of the failed Articles of the Confederation. The issue with the AOC was that it gave the states too much power, and that already goes against what a national government stands for. There was no set power to control the states, which meant order couldn’t really be enforced among the states since they were separated. Washington even states, “The 13 states were united only by a rope of…

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