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It means that everyone in my family can enjoy the medical care which is very convenient and low-price. Moreover, government provided education almost freely to every teenager. Do all of these prove that the censorship in China has been making a lot of benefits to the citizens, and is this sort of justified?

We have heard too much explanation about how the censorship has limited the right of speaking. The mass media and the censorship seems like enemies; the reporters always have much things to say, and the people always seems not to have enough right to know the "truth". But in my opinion, censorship is justified. Sometimes censorship may forbid publishing of something, as we know not everything is suitable to be published. One the other hand, mass media intend to see things in a commercial way, and want report almost everything that can attract the attention of the people, in other words, that can earn money. Our censorship in China is looking forward to build up a harmonious society for us. I've seen a scene in the TV that the police got to know the right place where the crimes hided, and were getting nearer and nearer to the floor, but just this time some reporters came and made a live report. The crimes got to know that they were in great danger, and the result was many residents died under the guns of the crimes.

In conclusion, censorship is really
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