Essay on Cell Phones Use While Driving

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Along with risks caused by cell phones use while driving, some other symptoms associated with mobile phones use have been discovered. In Preliminary Report Symptoms Associated with Mobile Phone Use, Hocking (357) conducted a survey in which 40 respondents described unpleasant symptoms like headache or neck pain, which usually began minutes after a call and ceased an hour later, but could last throughout the day. A respondent described the symptoms by saying “I have noticed persistent strong headaches for a period of 4 days; worsening after using the mobile phone for extended periods of time. These headaches have been occurring on the left side of my head, adjacent to phone and aerial” (Hocking, 357). Two reasons can explain how cell phone use can cause these symptoms on its uses: for one thing, overuse of cell phones can expose the users to radiation, causing harm to brain; for another, one is likely to hold a position for a long time staring at the phone screen, causing pain to body. What’s worse, staring at the phone screen for a long time, especially in dark during night will do harm to the eyes. Therefore, people should use cell phones as little as possible for the sake of their own body and health. Most people fail to realize that they ' are in a dangerous situation of being a slave, because cell phone fans keep emphasizing the convenience brought by the modern devices. They are showing the latest mobile phones here and there, feeling proud of being its master.…

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