The Influence Of Cell Phones

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Cell phones are helping, right? Cell phones are at the epicenter of modern convenience, right? True, since 1996, the percentage of Americans owning cell phones has doubled from 32 percent to 68 percent (Luxury). Could these electronic devices that people use every day actually be hurting them in the long run? In today’s world, the answer definitely is yes. In today’s society, life is all about staying up with the news and understanding minute events within the e-world of social media. However, the problem with cellular devices may be much broader than non-stop socializing; it may also affect people’s health, the health of the environment, personal finance, and create driving and learning distractions, Not only are people developing …show more content…
They are not just glancing at the device, they are endangering the lives of themselves and others by engaging in distracted driving. Every day about 660,000 people in this county text and drive, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. More statistics show that one out of four car crashes are due to texting while driving alone. Drinking alcohol impairs driving, but it is six times safer to be under the influence of alcohol than it is to spend five seconds looking at a phone traveling at fifty five miles per hour. (NHTSA) Ninety four percent of people support a ban on texting while driving, and seventy four percent support a ban on all hand held phones in cars. Still millions of people text while they are behind the wheel. Thousands of deaths occur each year because of an activity that could best be conducted once the vehicle is in park. Teens are the ones most likely to be injured or killed because of texting while driving worldwide. Twenty one percent of all teen crashes are due to texting while …show more content…
Those flaws are more in the way cell phones are used than in the cellular devices themselves. Cell phones hold all kinds of personal and finance information. Identify theft has increased by over a million victims from 2012 to 2013 and these numbers are likely to grow as more consumers use cell phones (Mobile). The lost or theft of this data can have a major, negative impact on a person’s life. For example, careless exchange of information can lead to identity theft, cyber bullying and the compromise of private information not intended to strangers. New programs such as Apple Pay and others like it, could open the door for widespread identity fraud because is it easy to steal or misplace that small device called a cell

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