Long Range Dilemmas: The Dangers Of Texting And Driving

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Texting while driving is a wide range dilemma that is being swept under the rug. Drivers put themselves and others at risk when they pick up their cell phone behind the wheel. I plan to reduce texting while driving by informing my peers about the true dangers of this distracted driving. Many believe that a tragedy related to texting and driving will not happen to them; however, that is exactly what the victims said before jeopardizing their lives with a simple message that could have waited five minutes when they were not behind the wheel. It is imperative that people educate themselves on the dangers of texting while driving to decrease the number of lives lost. Texting while driving is more dangerous than multitasking, texting behind the …show more content…
The authors would summarize their findings and state that the rest of the results would be detailed later in the article. Trying to find the data that correlated with the findings was like looking through a maze. It could have been organized more effectively resulting in less confusion if the research and findings were discussed together. However, overall, the article provided excellent research in persuading peers on the dangers of texting while driving.

I found that their breakdown of their findings was extremely effective and resourceful. The authors stated their found data and then carefully detailed step by step how they calculated their results. This interested me and showed how much work went into finding these numbers and calculations while giving credibility to the research. I also found it interesting that the journal studied all types of distractions, including merely glancing off of the roadway.

What I will
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Many other sources combine texting and driving with other driving distraction examples. After reading this journal I feel that I have a better grasp on the truths of texting behind the wheel.

What I will Use:
I will use an abundance of the information given in this source to persuade the audience of the dangers of texting and driving. I will use the statistic that texting while driving had the highest odd ratio to inform my peers that texting behind the wheel is more dangerous than the other driver distractions (Jacobson and Goston 1419). I also plan to elaborate on the need of laws and education with the information from this source.

Ferdinand, Alva O., et al. "GOVERNMENT, LAW, AND PUBLIC HEALTH PRACTICE. The Impact of Texting Bans On Motor Vehicle Crash-Related Hospitalizations." American Journal of Public Health 105.5 (2015): 859-865. EBSCOhost. Web. 26 July 2016.

Research Question/ Hypothesis:
The authors hypothesis suggests that the number of hospitalizations will decrease after texting bans are established. The authors predicted that the number of serious accidents will decrease due to citizens’ awareness of texting while driving after the laws are

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