Cell Phones During The Classroom : Tool Or Distraction? Essay

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Cell phones in the Classroom: Tool or Distraction?
Teaching at an urban school is already a difficult task, but to teach at a low-income urban school is another task to take on. Mrs. Kenny has been teaching Science to sophomore students for 5 years now and she could not be more passionate about her job and students. It has always been Mrs. Kenny’s first priority to do anything she can to adapt to every student in the classroom so that it can further help them in their learning. She is a firm believer in using hands-on activities in her teaching because it gives the students a chance to exercise their brain. She is provided with little to none resources for her classroom, so Mrs. Kenny uses a good amount of her money to provide supplies for the students, or even use her personal laptop to research content in the classroom. Recently, she has been faced with a dilemma that may either lead her to lose her job, or potentially change the way the world looks at cell phone use in the classroom. Hammond High School has a strict no cell phone use policy or immediate suspension. Finding that half of Mrs. Kenny’s class had their phones out during a lesson all of them should be expelled. However, Mrs. Kenny had seen that about half of the students were using their phones as an effective tool for research on the lesson. This is probably one of the hardest ethical choices Mrs. Kenny has ever had to make in her career so far, what should she do?
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