Essay about Cell Phones Are Helping, Right?

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Cell phones are helping, right? Cell phones are at the epicenter of modern convenience, right? True, since 1996, the percentage of Americans owning cell phones has doubled from 32 percent to 68 percent (Luxury). Could these electronic devices that people use every day actually be hurting them in the long run? In today’s world, the answer definitely is yes. In today’s society, life is all about staying up with the news and understanding minute events within the e-world of social media. However, the problem with cellular devices may be much broader than non-stop socializing; it may also affect people’s health, the health of the environment, personal finance, and create driving and learning distractions, Not only are people developing an addiction to their cellphone, they are using them to escape the realities of a physical life.
Even though cell phones are the gateway to infinite knowledge and worldwide communications, cell phones are defining how people invest their time, turning what could be a pastime or a hobby into a real world lifestyle tethered to technology. From Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as soon as people pick up a smart phone, they become “dumbly” addicted to this little device that demands their attention every second. According to Leslie Perlow of the Harvard Business School, 70 percent of Americans check their phone hourly, 56 percent check their phones within an hour of going to sleep and 44 percent experience anxiety if a…

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