Cell Phones And The First Cell Phone Essay

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The first cell phone can be traced back over forty years ago. Created by Martin Cooper, an employee for Motorola on April 3rd of 1973, the first commercial cell phone was born. It didn’t have all the bells and whistles it would come to have today. Mr. Cooper couldn’t imagine just how far his invention would go, or how much technology would change and transform the world.Standing on Sixth Avenue between 53rd and 54th street in the big city of New York, Mr. Cooper made the first of what would be billions of calls from the first cell phone. Over the last four decades, cell phones have advanced to exceptionally clever phones. Cell phones can do exceedingly more nowadays than make mere calls. In fact, cell phones are hardly used for talking anymore. Most phones are equipped to text, add apps, navigation, games, music, cameras, and most popularly social media sites. These advancements however, may contribute to the many distractions they cause. It has been reported that there were more fatal accidents from people walking while texting than shark attacks this year. Cell phones, often dubbed “Smart Phones” are the breath and life line for many people. Have you ever left your phone at home while you went to work or school? Subconsciously they have become a necessary attachment in our daily lives. But how much is too much, and how clever is too clever?
No matter how clever they might be, cell phones cause major distractions to individuals on a daily basis. Numerous studies have shown…

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