Cell Phones And Its Effects On Today 's World Essay

1004 Words May 9th, 2016 null Page
The majority of cell phones now days, seem to be people’s life line from day to day tasks and even chores. Society depends on the use of cell phones so much in today’s world. Cellular devices are used for a variety of things in order to get through the day; having a cell phone in one’s pocket is the equivalent to carrying around a desktop computer. Cell phone technology has taken a ridicules turn, there is so much an individual can do on a cell phone just as any other computer whether it is a lab top or a desktop computer. The average person can use them from anywhere or at any time with the cellular towers and networking. Cell Phones are used for a multitude of things. Couple of examples range from logging onto one’s bank account, calling or even a video call, and last but not least media. Those are just a very few of the main priorities why most people use cell phones today. Everyone seems to want to stay connected and most people invest in the best cell phones that are out today; and being able to see what everyone or talk to everyone and being able to view what their friends is doing or up too; cell phones are the way to go in today’s technological world we live in.
Mobile Banking is by far the best thing since sliced bread; having internet access on your mobile phone allows anyone to do anything that is needed, that is associated with a cellular device. The ability to transfer money from one account holder to the other is remarkably easy. I’m almost certain…

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