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Introduction: A cell phone is a technical object that uses cellular network to call, talk, and text someone. A cell phone can be taken anywhere. This object is a portable and chargeable device. There are many different types of cell phones, and they have drastically changed in the last decade. There are “regular” cell phones used to just call and text, and then there are smart phones. Smart phones are the number one selling phone in the world. You can call, text, email, take pictures, have a GPS, talk to your phone, play games, have apps, use the internet, and so many more options. There are many different brands, Apple and Samsung being number one. Cell phones are just about the number one technical object used in the world. Kids even …show more content…
It was not very portable and was very huge. Since then the idea of a cell phone has changed in ways many people could not even imagine. The “regular” cell phone I am referring to is just a normal flip phone. Flip phones are probably the easiest phones to use, and older people would be the main audience for these types of phones. A flip phone is small and its name speaks for its self. It literally flips back and forth to open and close the phone. Most flip phones are designed in a “round” look and are meant to be easy accessible. On a flip phone it has a regular keyboard with numbers, a on and off button normally on the side of the phone, some still have an antenna and some do not. With a flip phone you can call and text. Some you can take photos on, but they are not as clear as a smart phone photo is. There are simple games on the phone that you can play on such as snake or Tetris. The phone uses cellular data to make calls and texts. You use something called minutes. Minutes are the amount of time you have on your phone to talk to someone unless you have unlimited. Once you run out you buy more. Many people have a certain amount of cellular data that you can use, if you go over it then you have to pay extra. Below are images of a flip phone and a description on how to use …show more content…
On the front is the camera and at the top is the antenna to get cellular service. The keyboard is there when you flip the phone open, and it has numbers along with letters beside them for when you want to text. You click menu on the left side of the screen and you can maneuver around to if you want to text, take pictures, look at your pictures, and view your contacts. You can call just by dialing the numbers, and you can also change your background by clicking on an image you like and assigning it by pressing “make background”. These phones are very simple and

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