Turn Off The Phone ( And The Tension ) Essay

1570 Words May 26th, 2016 null Page
Summary of article:
“Turn off the Phone (and the Tension)” By Jenna Wortham is a narrative about the author’s personal experience turning off her cellphone and about individual’s opinions and facts about cell phone usage. The author, Jenna Wortham tells her experience about going to the pool with her friend where cell phone usage was prohibited. By putting away her cellphone, it allowed her to spend more time with her friend and not worry about what other people are doing and how they are spending their days. She had fun with her friend and was content about having a fun evening without worrying about others. From this experience, Wortham proves to our society today that cellphones play a large role in our lives and how they shouldn’t be so important when hanging out with friends or family. She proves that people should be able to enjoy their days without having the tendency to post everything online and compare their days with others. This article also has other individuals talk about cell phone usage including; Anil Dash who talks about the side effects of using cellphones and how they can make people feel. Anyone who is on social media develops a thrill on looking at other people’s lives, wanting to be there also. People on social media share where they are, what they are doing and who there are with which can make people want to live an “exciting life” like them. This can allow the feelings of FOMO to occur which is the fear of missing out. People who are home alone…

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