Cell Phones : A Negative Impact On Relationships, Childrens, And Travel

1137 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
phones being a negative effect in a relationship

Cell phones are having a negative impact on relationships, childrens, and travel experince. We constantly carry our phones with us everywhere we go. We take it to the bathroom, bedroom, outdoors, and it sits by our desk at work. Our phone has become our safety net, we feel without it, we are lost. “Studies suggest that cell phones can distract our attention from the present moment. And that 's a problem, considering the results of the Mobile Mindset Study, a recent survey that found three out of five U.S. smartphone users don 't go more than an hour without checking their gadgets.” (www.cnn.com) Yes, smart phones are very useful but can be harmful in a relationship in devious ways, can ruin a wonderful moment in a special place, and can take away our children attention.

Smartphones can be the cause of loss of communication among couples, believe it or not but smartphones have become a competition for couples. Intimacy is hard to achieve when your phone keeps beeping with notifications, test messages, emails, and phone calls.Some people say that more and more people in long-term relationships are having to compete with their partner smartphone for attention, making them the “third wheel” in their relationship. It sucks when you are out at a nice restaurant with your partner and the person is on the cell phone checking who liked a photo or whom is texting them. That makes me feel like I’m being ignored…

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